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Because normal is B.O.R.I.N.G.!
Just a little weird.

Current Residence: A room in a house. ;-)
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Well, I figured that it was time to finally time to come here again, write a journal and start posting stuff again, since I was far, FAR from unproductive in the past months.

So, I've been a Student of Japanology a.k.a. "Japan Studies" on the University of Vienna for pretty much exactly two months now. So, what can I say?

I love it.

Seriously, my life has never been as good as it is now. The lectures are incredibly interesting, the language lessons are well deducted and fun, we have enough studying materials to cover all our need, and, most importantly, I haven't encountered a single unfriendly, rude or just idiotic student or lecturer yet. Not even ONE. .

Wow. Just Wow.

I feel like I suddenly had, I dunno, a SOCIAL LIFE of some kind. Not just because of the University. I made a lot of friend on conventions this summer and was, finally, somehow, and I really can't explain how I managed to do this, declared Austrian Otaku of the Year 2010 on the AniNite Convention. Words can't describe my feeling that moment. No way.

I've been out with friends from the cons twice yet, had phone conversations with them on several occasions... I am starting to form actual bonds on University as well...

...You may laugh now, but this is NOT normal for me. I've always been kind of an outcast and a looner. A little bit lazy as well.

But now, all of a sudden, I feel wanted and am, for the first time in my life, pursuing a main occupation that I really, really enjoy to the end. It can't possibly get any better than it's now.

It's like my life had suddenly restarted with a better Karma. A much, much better one.

It's not just my RL that's awesome like that right now. You may have noticed with the last few pics I uploaded, before the big tide kicked in on this Userpage here, but I have developed a huge passion for the Ace Attorney/Gyakuten Saiban Games recently. Almost every creative thing I did lately was Ace Attorney related and I even won the second prize at the MaConvention Fanfiction Contest with an Ace Attorney One Shot.

I also started writting an rather complex Ace Attorney Fanfiction on which is, if I'm allowed to said this, way, WAY above the level of all my previous works. I think I have finally reached the level at which you can call Fanfic "Among the fabled 10% of Sturgeons Law".

The downside is that I ,for this reason, realized how incredibly badly written all of my previous fanfics are. I can't even bare to look at the Pokemon-Gods fanfic anylonger without getting sick and Linked Chronicles is on Hiatus now. I just can't continue, knowing how vastly inferior it is to everything I am now capable of. It pains me. A lot.

My current Ace Attorney Fanfiction is "Complete Turnabout". With 19 chapters and counting and already 150+ (?!?!?!?) reviews on, PLUS a 90-post thread on Forums, I think it's safe to say that this is the best fanwork I have yet spewed out. Now, if I could only keep up the quality...

The fanfic is about Phoenix Wright ending up in an Alternate timeline where DL-6 never happened, which caused the roles of everybody he ever knew, including himself, to change gravely. Yes, I know, I have a fetish for Alternate Timelines.

I don't think I will upload that Fanfic here. Formatting it in BBCC Code, would take me too long, since I used a lot of cursive and/or bold text in there, in order to emulate the style of the text-boxes in the games. If there's, however, a suifficent interest from you guys, I might still reconsider (given that anyone is actually reading this Journal Post, of course. Ha Ha Ha....)

In any case...

Remember the Adventcalendar thing I did last year? Well, I'll probably do that this year too. Why? Because I have time. My lectures eat suprisingly few of my spare time and studying is so incredibly much fun, I don't really consider it work... So, I really have the time on my hands to do it again, surprisingly.

It will probably feature lots and lots of Video Game related stuff again this year. Anime too. Rozen Maiden and Ace Attorney will join the mix.

Also, I'll upload most of my fanwork from Forums here in the following days. Like the self-sprite that my new Avatar comes from.

Finally, don't wonder why I didn't respond to any of the Comments in my in-box yet... It were too many. I had to delete them. I figured a fresh start would be need, considering how much my life changed in the past few months.

If you need to ask me something, if I still owe you anything (and I'm sure that I really do owe something too much to many people...) or if you need to tell me anything else, just write me a note. I will read them all and respond always from now on. Promise.

May the upcoming christmas time be merry for all of you.


  • Mood: Satisfied
  • Listening to: School Food Punishment
  • Reading: Megatokyo
  • Watching: Fansubs
  • Playing: Ace Attorney, Layton
  • Eating: Yaki-Soba
  • Drinking: Orange Juice

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